LETTER TO Local ABC4All / PAKISTAN in honor of Launch on 05/01/2008

Welcome to Local ABC4All / PAKISTAN

on the occasion of launch on
May 1, 2008 coinciding with
Global Love Day and with
Dear Yuel and all participants in Local ABC4All / PAKISTAN:
The initiatives that Yuel Bhatti has taken since becoming involved with Main ABC4All are outstanding.  We are very grateful to have his dedication and endless energy as part of the overall TEAM development as ABC4All progresses throughout the world.
Yuel not only joined as an ABC4All Mentor, but he has become a Leader with the ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project, self-designated as ABC4All Mentor / Peace Advocate and now is Co-Founder of Local ABC4All / PAKISTAN.
Among his many activities is the referral of YUBUPA who since has become ABC4All Video Information Specialist (ABC4AllVIS).  By now you may be aware that YUBUPA's videos are appearing all over the ABC4All web pages, including three on the Archived Mentor of the Week page for Yuel as he developed his ideas for today's launch!  We are grateful both for this dynamic referral and for YUBUPA's total dedication as well to work with ABC4All.
The opportunity that exists for anyone joining a Local ABC4All effort can best be understood by referencing the various web pages in the Welcome Email being sent to new Main ABC4All Mentors. These have been placed on a special web page:  "Learn About Mentors:"  http://abc4all.net/learnaboutmentors.htm  
The partnership between ABC4All and The Universal Flag Companies has catapulted the ABC4All Vision/Mission into high gear with exponential progress occurring now all over the world.  Thus we are especially grateful to Brian McClure, Founder/President for his gracious donation of FREE Universal Flags, also shipped FREE to up to 500 ABC4All Mentors!
In addition, if you read the Dual Global Citizens (DGC) Goal Letter http://abc4all.net/dgc.htm and look at "Words Never Heard Before" http://abc4all.net/wnhb.htm then perhaps the potential that ANY Local ABC4All can achieve in the community may become more apparent.  Each and every one of you is invited to take a profile at www.igloo.org and then to send an email to abc4all (at) gmail (dot) com requesting an invitation to join this Humanitarian Community of Dual Global Citizens (DGC) which simply means you are declaring your support for Global Humanitarian Relief and that you wish to SAVE CHILDREN NOW no matter where you live.  These goals are explained more fully on the DGC website and other places on Main ABC4All.
CONGRATULATIONS to ALL who will participate in Local ABC4All / PAKISTAN for working together to create better local and global conditions.  You follow in the tradition set by Local ABC4All / Somaliland who began without any direction from Main ABC4All, before Local ABC4All Web Site pages were available, and just went ahead and created on their own what is now an ANNUAL Local ABC4All Community Empowerment Day! http://abc4all.net/abc4allsomalia.htm  One result:  22 scholarships for children EVERY year from now on!
To conclude, as ABC4All offers you "Opportunities which have never existed before" http://abc4all.net/opportunity.htm, the Local ABC4All / PAKISTAN effort is greatly appreciated as we further enhance the momentum that has been developing and expanding at such a rapid rate across the world.  Clearly the issues facing ALL people around the globe require MANDATED ACTION for What the World Needs Now http://abc4all.net/wttnn.htm
By becoming a Mentor with Main and/or Local ABC4All / PAKISTAN, YOU are doing it!  Thank you all!


Burton Danet, Ph.D./Robert Chew
ABC4All Co-Founders
Brian McClure
Founder/President, Universal Flag Companies
http://abc4all.net/universalflag.htm http://universalflag.org

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