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are jointly introducing into Southern California (and elsewhere in the USA) an
innovative thermal therapeutic system with well-documented health benefits:  

For a demonstration of the "Cyber Stimulator", Thermo-Peutic's unique feature which allows for individualizing all treatment experiences, please contact ABC4All at 310-712-5477.

Thermo-Peutic promotes good health through massage, acupressure, and moxibustion (far infrared-heat applied to specific body points). The treatment bed settings are all customizable to accommodate the needs of any given individual! Anyone trying the bed for the first time should be sure to ask the person offering the demonstration about what settings would be right for the initial demonstration and subsequent trials.

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN A FREE DEMONSTRATION OF Thermo-Peutic®? If so, a demonstration of Thermo-Peutic® is offered at no charge or obligation. Appointment for a demo treatment can be arranged by calling 310-712-5477.


Because of the excellent benefits people are receiving from this innovative treatment bed, many have considered voluntary donations/contributions. Such contributions, when desired, can be directed either as cash contributions or tax-deductible contributions. Please contact ABC4All for further information.


The following are the characteristics of Thermo-Peutic®: Massage and thermal acupressure for upper and lower body; Unlimited variety of massage and acupressure patterns; Adjustable intensity of acupressure and far infrared-heat for all types of users, from beginners to frequent users; Ergonomic design; Easy-to-use remote control; Upper mattress that inclines to 22 degrees (optional feature); Detachable, washable cloth covers; and Wheels for easy mobility.

ABOUT THERMO-PEUTIC™ state-of-the-art technology features the Elevator Mechanism with which the intensity of the pressure applied to the acupuncture points by the jade massage balls can be customized to each individual’s need (multiple patents pending). The Elevator Mechanism also generates an unlimited variation in massage patterns, allowing each individual to select the most suitable pattern on using Thermo-Peutic®

ABOUT ABC4ALL A Better Community For All (ABC4All), a virtual entity, utilizes ALL consumerism (on and off the internet) as a focus to raise virtually unlimited funds for nonprofit charitable organizations, enhancing the worldwide activities of well known philanthropists. ABC4All's charge is to educate people on the systematic means to maximize contributions by participating in the cornerstone of ABC4All's Programs: "The Triple Giving Program (ABC4AllGGG)". Directed Consumerism With Automatic "TechnoGiving" (DCAT)™ in this model of everyday purchasing habits allows consumers an opportunity to maximize funding for worthwhile causes the world over. 


Burton N. Danet, Ph.D., Co-Founder  


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